Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

Central to our philosophy is a disciplined business process that addresses the three key dimensions of marketing strategy:

  • Targeting the right customers

  • Attracting a purchase

  • Retain the customer

Too often businesses invest in marketing activity that targets the wrong type of customer; he or she may try a product or service, but doesn’t remain loyal. We believe that strong businesses are built on a well defined target market and resulting strategy from the very beginning. Our goal is to define the ideal target market for your business as meticulously as possible. From there we design marketing programs that drive incremental sales for your business.


Research Driven Approach

When using research to validate assumptions or hypotheses about a new marketing strategy, guesswork isn’t an option. We believe in testing new ideas and relying on customer feedback to guide the process. Research gets you closer to your customer and provides a deeper understanding of the motivations for purchase and helps uncover consumer needs.

The high cost of developing and launching new products requires a disciplined approach. The RS4 Marketing Group applies this methodology to every project.

Execution, Execution, Execution

We don’t just show you what to do, RS4 executes marketing programs as well. Great execution is the cornerstone to great strategy, and we go the extra mile to make sure your project is implemented properly. We give you the confidence to allocate the needed resources to develop and implement new projects. Working with your team to manage critical steps of the process ensures a successful outcome. A great strategy is not enough; great execution is crucial for strong performance.