2009…a Year in Review

Hard to believe that 2009 is behind us. It seems like only yesterday that we were gearing up for the Y2K change over…where did the decade go?

Having said that, 2009 was a challenging year for most businesses and one that more than a few people would like to see in the rear view mirror. Escalating unemployment and a declining stock market stand out as the two large economic impacts that we all had to deal with. What was trumpeted as a 1930’s style economic depression didn’t quite materialize. So much for the prognosticators.

However, 2009 was a year that forced people to deal with a lot of change and take stock of what was really important to them. Personally I saw it as a year that tested my resolve, challenged my business skills and required more effort in areas that matter most….like raising my son and working on projects that are rewarding.

From an industry perspective, the telecommunications sector in Canada went through some major changes as a result of new wireless competitors entering the market. This forced major collaboration efforts between incumbent telco’s and cable operators in an effort to remain competitive. The industry we know today is expected to look significantly different in 5 years…..I look forward to being part of it.

Some of the news items that stand out are Bernie Madoff, CanWest bankruptcy, Globalive/CRTC debacle, Tiger Woods implosion and the early departure of Michael Jackson. To say that 2009 was an interesting year is an understatement and certainly highlights the fact that we can count on change as being the only constant.

I welcome 2010 and the ensuing decade with open arms and belly full of enthusiasm that I haven’t had in a long time. We live in a great country that holds tremendous opportunity that is there for anyone to embrace and make the most of. To those that cower at the thought of dealing with more change, I say bring it on!

I hope 2010 is a prosperous and rewarding year for all.

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