Globalive Plays Nice

Well it was an interesting and cordial event last night at the Mars Discovery Center in downtown Toronto as over 400 people showed up to hear Anthony Lacavera speak to the assembled masses as part of the MobileMondays series.

I think everyone, including myself, was expecting to see some chest beating and hear a few battle cries of the William the Bruce (ala Braveheart) kind but to no avail. Mr Lacavera chose to stay within the confines of a narrowly scripted presentation that took about 25 minutes. He then spent an hour fielding questions from the audience. His presentation style was relaxed and very unassuming for a young entrepreneur that is in the middle of a legal battle with some pretty big players.

Certainly the undertone of the evening would suggest that Globalive is the market favorite in terms of a new player that consumers would like to see make a major impact in the Canadian wireless marketplace. If they are able to deliver on the brand promise and engage consumers in a new wireless experience I think they’ll be around for a long time.

The question remains whether Orascom will be their dance partner for the duration or just until another suitor comes along that doesn’t have the same regulatory constraints.

For now the incumbents will have a free ride for this Christmas but it will make for an interesting Q4 in 2010.

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