Lessons from Tim Hortons

Why is it that a simple business like a donut shop can be a great example of how other companies should run their business. Tim Hortons gets it. They know that in order to stay current, fresh (pardon the pun) and at the top of the consumer mind they need to keep updating their message. That’s why they are always introducing new products. Things as simple as a carmel cookie or a smoothie. It gives them a reason to say something new to the consumer and keep people thinking about them.

Apple gets it….RIM is getting better at it. I think they realize now that having another version of the BlackBerry Bold just doesn’t cut it anymore. Unfortunately it took a big competitor with an equally strong brand to light a fire under them. The Playbook and Torch are starting to push the boundaries for RIM in terms of new products that the business customer needs to keep answering the question: Why do I want a BlackBerry or RIM device?

Every business needs to constantly update its message and keep it fresh. So if you’re sitting there managing a business wondering why sales are dropping or you’re losing customers to a competitor then just take a look at the last time you launched a new product or service. It’s more than likely a while ago.

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