Product Development & Innovation:

A two-day workshop to help generate new ideas and short list concepts for further development. We facilitate the process from ideation through to concept description so you have real and tangible ideas that can be developed at the end of  two days. This is ideal for any organization that wants to improve their product development process or get more products off the “idea” page to implementation.

Business Case Process:

A one-day workshop highlighting the importance of a disciplined management process to reduce the risk of launching unsuccessful new products and services. The workshop outlines the process for taking a new idea from concept stage to business case approval. We also show you how to build the three critical arguments (Strategic, Financial & Competitive) for a successful business case approval. This is an interactive workshop for marketing, IT and operational managers that want to learn how to move their ideas through a complex organization.

Product Management:

A one-day workshop on product management that covers the core elements of the marketing plan process. From strategy to tactical plan development, we analyze sub-strategy development in detail, as well as explain how to prepare research and agency briefs. This seminar is a must for any customer-facing organization or for someone new in a product management role.