Start Young If U Want to Be an Entrepreneur

A recent article in Business Insider talks about how the young are driving innovation and entrepreneurship. Not surprising when you look at the charts. 45% of start-ups were by people under the age of 29 with more than 60% having worked in a corporate job.

I think most people would agree the corporate environment is a stifling place to work for anyone who has a sense of creativity and independence.

It’s also much easier to take the risk at a younger age when you haven’t committed to a big mortgage or other lifestyle activities.

Shifting from the corporate world, where you get a regular paycheck for years, to your own business takes some getting used to. That’s speaking from a bit of experience. But once you’ve made the leap and commit your self to a new business it is extremely rewarding.

A great strategy for any aspiring entrepreneur is to go spend 3-5 years working for a company, save some money, then go and build that great company of yours, you’ll never look back.

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