Summer…what summer?

Here it is September 6th…labour day and I’m wondering where the summer went. My last post was at the end of May and I’m trying to figure out where 3 months went. I’m working on a project for a major telco that has kept me busy as well as making sure my son has a great summer. Tomorrow he goes back to school and hopefully with a head full of great memories of what we did this summer. I certainly enjoyed it. So much so that I haven’t done much blogging over the past few months.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the work thing and lose sight of the really important things that we work for…to enjoy the time we spend with the people we care about. Life happens while we’re busy doing other things!

Some highlights from my summer….camping with my son for the first time, seeing my son do a flip off the diving board at the local pool, learning that things have a way of working out and helping my sister celebrate 30 years of marriage…..what an accomplishment.

Stay tuned for more telco related blogging in the next few weeks. I hope everyone had a great summer. Certainly we couldn’t complain about the weather, it was awesome!

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