Wireless market about to get a whole lot more interesting

Great article in the G&M today about the folks at Globalive and the fight they have on their hands with the incumbents trying to stop them from entering the market. The Big three are challenging the ownership status of Globalive and whether the company is actually adhering to CRTC ownership regulations.


I can’t imagine that Orascom would invest as much as they have so far without a clear sense of how this would play out. Clearly the incumbents are worried about the market clout that Globalive will have with such a strong partner. It’s a matter of time before the Canadian landscape gets a whole lot more interesting in terms of ownership.

Interesting to note that Bell and Telus have partnered up while Rogers has struck a comfortable relationship with MTS Allstream. The only question is when does 4 players become 2? Probably not for 5 years when the new wireless competitors can establish a beachhead and they look more attractive to a suitable buyer.

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